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Nitracaine Crystal online

Nitracaine Crystal online at Gold Medications! All products are lab qualified and have premium quality. Fast and secure worldwide delivery!

What is Nitracaine?

Nitracaine Crystal may act as dopamine reuptake inhibitor or may act as a direct ligand for the dopamine receptors. Based on this, it would be useful for researchers to use it for in-vitro to better understand the action and modulation of dopamine upon the transporter of receptor.

Nitracaine Crystal is known to have low solubility. This could potentially lead to a low permeation through tissues. Nitracaine may be utilised by researchers who wish to use it as a reference sample for their GC/MS, FTIR or NMR analysis catalogues.

What you will receive when you buy nitracaine from
The highest grade quality Nitracaine CrystalFaint Yellow Crystaline formula99.8% PuritySuper Fast DispatchExcellent Customer Service (Sales Hotline & Email Response)

Synonyms Nitracaine
IUPAC (3-Diethylamino-2,2-dimethylpropyl)-4-nitrobenzoate
PubChem N/A
Cas# N/A
Molecular Formula C16H24N2O4
Purity 99%
Forumlation / Appearance Off White Powder


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