Moringa For Survival Food – 2 Lbs Vacuumed Packed


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Attention Preppers– Your 2 lbs or more of Vac Packed Moringa might be the most important thing in your pantry some day. Moringa is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective combatant against malnutrition. NGOS around the the world are planting moringa to prevent malnutrition and boost the health of native populations. It is an ideal emergency food. Your average supermarket has 3 days of inventory. Don’t get caught without an effective emergency food supply. You can live off 1-2 ounces of moringa powder a day.


Moringa for Survival Food – 2 lbs Vacuumed Packed

Moringa for Survival Food – 2 lbs Vacuumed Packed online.

We seal our moringa in 7mm Mylar PAKSAFE bags in a chamber vacuum at 29.3 hg for maximum vacuum efficiency. A 200cc oxygen absorber is included to keep the powder free of any oxygen. This combination should keep your emergency superfood secure for 20 years.

At this time we are packing the moringa in 11″ x 13″ Mylar bags which hold 2 lbs of moringa powder. We will eventually add smaller bag sizes like 1 lb or 8 oz. But since this is a survival good it’s best to have a ample supply in a convenient and storable size. One should be able to survive on 2 ounces of moringa powder a day.

To open the bag, use a razor sharp blade to slice ONE SIDE of the bag where the product ends and the flat margin before the seal begins. This way you can reseal the hole with duct tape. We include a resealable gusseted bag to go with the big bag to transfer the powder when you first open it.


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