Golden Teacher – Culture Ampoule Online


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Golden Teacher – Culture Ampoule online

Golden Teacher – Culture Ampoule online.

Experience an amazing and unique trip! This Culture Ampoule contains the famous Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom culture and is ready to inoculate in the substrate. While conventional spore prints and syringes have greater risks of contamination, culture ampoules produce better results at a higher success rate.

5 easy steps to start using the Culture Ampoule:

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the outside of the Culture Ampoule with a wet, clean cloth. We recommend using a sterile alcohol swab to terminate bacteria.

Step 2: The syringe is enclosed in a sterile packaging. Make sure that the syringe does not get contaminated and open the packaging in a clean environment.

Step 3: Loosen the cap of the Culture Ampoule a bit (not all the way). In this way you can fill the syringe without getting problems with the vacuum.

Step 4: Stick the needle through the rubber seal and fill up the syringe.

Step 5: The filled syringe is now ready to go and the culture can be used to inoculate the chosen substrate. Let the culture grow in the substrate in room temperature. Within a few days the mycelium will be visible.


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