Cannabis Infused Organic Chai Tea Online


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Cannabis Infused Organic Chai Tea online

Finally, cannabis-infused teas that taste great. Each cup of Jane’s Brew Gourmet Tea offers a full, robust flavor with no cannabis smell or after taste.  And, research suggests that the dynamic duo of tea and cannabis creates a natural healing “co-action” resulting in healthful therapies and treatment for a growing number of health-related issues and conditions.

  • Anytime, anywhere therapy
  • Discreet method to medicate
  • Synergistic effects of caffeine and cannabis
  • No cannabis smell or after taste
  • Lab tested and certified for quality and consistency
  • Pain relief and relaxation without “couch lock”
  • Effects begin within 15 minutes, last 3 to 5 hours

At the House of Jane, we infuse quality tea with CO2 cannabis oil created from the freshest ground cannabis buds for an amazing cup of tea. Our THC-infuse teas are fast-acting and long-lasting to let you relax and experience relief from pain.

Jane’s Brew Teas are organic and include our proprietary natural ingredients including CO2 extracted Cannabis Oil. This product is fat-freesugar-freenon-GMO and gluten-free.


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