Buy MDPPP Powder (99%+ Pure) 1 Oz


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Buy MDPPP Powder (99%+ Pure) 1 oz

Buy MDPPP Powder (99%+ Pure) 1 oz

Typical dosage: 20-50mg
R,S-3′,4′-Methylenedioxy-alpha-pyrrolidinopropiophenone (MDPPP) is a new designer drug with assumed amphetamine-like effects, which has appeared on the illicit drug market.

Order online Buy MDPPP Powder.The aim of this study was to identify the MDPPP metabolites using solid-phase extraction, ethylation or acetylation as well as to develop a toxicological detection procedure in urine using solid-phase extraction, trimethylsilylation and GC-MS.

The hydroxy groups were found to be partly conjugated. Based on these data, MDPPP could be detected in urine via its metabolites by full-scan GC-MS using mass chromatography for screening and library search for identification by comparison of the spectra with reference spectra.


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