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Buy 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online

1P-LSD or Pink Sunshine Acid, is a new LSD-analogue non-regulated by law. Buy 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online. 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg For Sale Online

As it is a homologue to ALD-52 it is much comparable to LSD-25. With the introduction of 1P-LSD onto the fine chemical market researchers can intensify their research about lysergamides.

Contrary to popular opinion, 1P-LSD cannot undergo hydrolysis into LSD from contact with moisture in the atmosphere, it is quite stable under atmospheric conditions.

We currently stock 1P-LSD in the form of 100µg blotters for research purposes. The blotters are labelled with “1P-LSD”.

The word psychedelic (From Ancient Greek ψυχή (psychê) mind, soul + δηλος (dêlos) manifest, reveal + -ic) was coined to express the idea of a drug that makes manifest a hidden but real aspect of the mind. It is commonly applied to any drug with perception-altering effects such as LSD and other ergotamine derivatives, DMT and other tryptamines including the alkaloids of Psilocybe spp., mescaline and other phenethylamines.. Order 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online

The term “psychedelic” is applied somewhat interchangeably with “psychotomimetic” and “hallucinogen”,[2] The classical hallucinogens are considered to be the representative psychedelics and LSD is generally considered the prototypical psychedelic.[2] In order to refer to the LSD-like psychedelics, scientific authors have used the term “classical hallucinogen” in the sense defined by Glennon (1999): “The classical hallucinogens are agents that meet Hollister’s original definition, but are also agents that: (a) bind at 5-HT2 serotonin receptors, and (b) are recognized by animals trained to discriminate 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOM) from vehicle.[3] Otherwise, when the term “psychedelic” is used to refer only to the LSD-like psychedelics (a.k.a. the classical hallucinogens), authors explicitly point that they intend “psychedelic” to be understood according to this more restrictive interpretation (e.g. see Nichols, 2004). Order 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online

Order 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online

One explanatory model for the experiences provoked by psychedelics is the “reducing valve” concept, first articulated in Aldous Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception. In this view, the drugs disable the brain’s “filtering” ability to selectively prevent certain perceptions, emotions, memories and thoughts from ever reaching the conscious mind. This effect has been described as mind expanding, or consciousness expanding, for the drug “expands” the realm of experience available to conscious awareness.Order 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online

While possessing a unique mechanism of action, cannabis or marijuana has historically been regarded alongside the classic psychedelics. Buy 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg Online. 100x 1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg For Sale Online


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